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Serial port and microcontrollers

by Grzegorz Niemirowski

Here you can find schematics, source codes and other files related to my book.

Source codes:
AVR examples
STM32 examples
C# examples
Linux C++ examples
WinAPI C++ examples
Web app example

Schematics for examples (Eagle format):
AVR schematics
STM32 schematics

BTM-222 datasheet
KAmodBTM222 manual
ATmega32 datasheet
STM32F103CBT6 datasheet
HD44780 datasheet
MAX3232 datasheet
FT232R datasheet

Hardware tools:
KAmodBTM222 in Kamami store
ZL30ARM development board
ZL30PRGv2 JTAG programmer/debugger
ZL15AVR development board
AVR DRAGON JTAG programmer/debugger

Atmel Studio
IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
STM32F10x standard peripheral library

The book is available on Amazon

Serial port and microcontrollers